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So why would I want to a Solution-Focused Brief Therapist? 

So why would I want a solution-focused brief therapist? I often get asked this question and I love answering it. Solution-focused therapy draws upon a client’s resources to help them live their desired life despite obstacles and challenges that arise. SFBT therapists believe that it is useful to focus on one’s goals, strengths, and successes PLUS we have the research to back our effectiveness (see  for an up-to-date list of published research). Given that most people attend 10 or fewer therapy sessions, SFBT is ideal because it is tailored to work in as little as one session (Sundstron, 1993). Plus, SFBT has been used to successfully treat many types of presenting issues such as depression, substance abuse, anxiety and the list goes on and on (Kim, 2007; Smock et al., 2008). 

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