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I am a marriage and family therapist with over 17 years experience in using Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (to learn more about SFBT click here ). I work with individuals, couples, and families dealing with a wide variety of mental health and interpersonal issues from a solution building perspective. My expertise lies in helping clients live their preferred lives despite the obstacles and challenges they face. My specialized international training and research in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy makes me a very unique practitioner here in Las Vegas.

Please click on the "Current Research," tab to learn more information about my work.

For more information on SFBT and why someone may want an Solution-Focused Brief Therapist, please click on the "Clinical Views," tab. 

For a detailed list of my published work and information on past research, please click on the "Peer Reviewed Articles, Book Publications, and Other Media," tab. 

I am licensed in TX and NV. I do virtual therapy for individuals and families living in TX and NV. My office is located in Las Vegas, NV.

Sara Smock Jordan, PhD, LMFT                                                                          

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